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Rev. Alice D. Martin
Intuitive Energy Healer 

Welcome to Your Opportunity For Healing and Spiritual Growth!

 I am an intuitive energy healer that has been called by the Feminine Divine with the ability to directly access Angelic Realms.

 I do individual intuitive reading sessions that focus on personal healing and spiritual growth by clearing away stuck energy from a person's energy system.  I delve into auric layers, chakras and energy channels to identify obstacles or blockages that may be hindering your path and clear up any inappropriate energy that is ready to move out.

I also create and facilitate energy healing group guided meditations.  I have trained for over 2 years in this work and I have been practicing since 2012.  I am also doing graduate work in a Masters program for Women's Spirituality at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Each of us has access to the Divine and to a source of spiritual information specific to us as individuals.  The focus of my practice is to facilitate healing and personal growth by clearing life path obstacles from your energy system.  We are all made of energy that includes old hurts and beliefs that are no longer working for us. These things create blocks in our energy system and disharmony between the body and being. Removing them allows for transformation, clarity, understanding, and ownership of yourself. 


Find Grounding, Clarity and Healing.