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Rev. Alice D. Martin
Intuitive Energy Healer 

Goddess 3

I am guided by 3 aspects of the Goddess : Sehkmet, Mother Mary, and Asherah.

Sekhmet: The Source  - An ancient Egyptian Goddess with the head of a lion and the body of a woman.  Within me, She evokes warrior, wise woman, teacher, opener of ways, transformer, task master and protector.

Mother Mary : The mother of Jesus  -  She comes to me most often in the form of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Within me, She evokes nurturing, compassion, understanding, warmth, healer and patience.

Asherah: Queen of Heaven - The Goddess of ancient Israel and the Canaanites, also known as the Tree Goddess.  Within me, She evokes beauty, ownership/seniority, femininity, grounding, new beginnings, power and leadership.

Personal Growth and Transformation

Each of us has access to the Divine and to a source of spiritual information specific to us as individuals.  The focus of my practice is to facilitate healing and personal growth by clearing life path obstacles from your energy system.  We are all made of energy that includes old hurts and beliefs that are no longer working for us. These things create blocks in our energy system and disharmony between the body and being. Removing them allows for transformation, clarity, understanding, and ownership of yourself.  

 I do not give advice or foretell the future, but help clear interference from your path in order for you to hear your own specific information as a being in a body, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.